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Battery Warranty

Yuasa Superstart Series Battery – 2 Year Guarantee (Excludes Commercial Use) Yuasa YBX1000 Series Battery - 2 Year Guarantee (Excludes Commercial Use) Yuasa YBX3000 Series Battery – 3 Year Guarantee (Excludes Commercial Use) Yuasa YBX5000 Series Battery – 5 Year Guarantee (Excludes Commercial Use) Yuasa YBX7000 Series Battery – 3 Year Guarantee (Excludes Commercial Use) Yuasa YBX9000 Series Battery – 3 Year Guarantee (Excludes Commercial Use) All other battery types – 1 Year Guarantee (Excludes Commercial Use)

The Motabitz Battery Guarantee covers the replacement of your Yuasa/Superstart car battery provided it is found by us to be defective due to faulty material or workmanship in manufacture within the guarantee period. The guarantee period for a Yuasa/Superstart battery is shown on your receipt. The guarantee period starts from the date of purchase. A replacement car battery will have the remainder of the guarantee period from the original date of purchase. This guarantee is supplied in addition to your statutory rights.

In the case of items with a guarantee longer than 1 year we will act in the same way as above. In regard to car batteries where it can be difficult to ascertain if the battery or car is at fault. Our policy includes an offer to exchange the battery on one occasion within the first six months of purchase even if we do not consider the battery to be at fault. Whenever items are exchanged under warranty the original date of purchase still applies for calculating any guarantee period.

The replacement guarantee does not cover the following:

  • Accidental damage.
  • Failure caused by an electrical or mechanical fault with your vehicle.
  • Improper fitting by you or by anyone else (other than where fitted by Motabitz).
  • Any battery not fitted to the vehicle originally identified on your receipt
  • Batteries where the Vehicle covers less than 2,000 miles a year.

YUASA Battery Sales (UK) Ltd - Battery Guarantee Conditions & Exemptions

Yuasa batteries sold as replacements are guaranteed against premature failure due to:- MANUFACTURING OR MATERIAL DEFECTS only.

The battery guarantee does not cover failure resulting from:

  • Sulphation - What is Sulphation? Sulphation is a chemical process which can occur in any battery. This can happen as a result of a battery being allowed to remain in a discharged state (<12.40V) either on/off a vehicle for a period of time. This can be caused by the vehicle charging system incorrectly charging the battery, a parasitic drain on the electrical system, vehicle used for short journeys only, infrequent vehicle use or long periods of inactivity (seasonal garaging). Sulphation significantly impairs battery performance and lifespan and will result in premature failure
  • Wear and tear - What constitutes fair wear and tear? The loss of plate active material caused by the natural cycling of the battery when in service resulting in a gradual loss of performance over time
  • Deep cycling - What is this? A greatly increased loss of plate active material and loss of performance as a result of being rapidly/repeatedly charged from a deeply discharge state (<65% state of charge)
  • Overcharging - How can a battery be overcharged? The vehicle charging system fails to charge the battery at the correct voltage, resulting in battery overheating, electrolyte evaporation, accelerated break up of plate material and loss of performance
  • Incorrect application - If the battery fitted to the vehicle has insufficient capacity compared to the OE requirement, the battery is likely to fail prematurely. Always fit the correct battery as recommended in the Yuasa application list – failure to do this will immediately invalidate the battery warranty
  • Physical damage - This can be caused to a battery during storage, handling or if incorrectly installed on to vehicle
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